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The 31st Annual
Oakland Chinatown StreetFest
August 25 & 26, 2018
10:00AM to 5:30PM



Entertainment Spotlight: Soul'd Out Band

Soul'd Out will be appearing at the StreetFest Popular Stage on Sunday August 26 at 2:00PM

Featuring lead vocalists Jannel Candrice, and the soulful vocals of Johann Michael, aka JoRasp, the Soul’d Out Band is a Bay Area based cover band, specializing in RnB, Top 40 hits, and other genres, from today and yesteryears. The Soul’d Out experience will bring back memories and create new ones. They will hype you up to get you dancing and encourage you to sing along. Get ready to jam to some smooth tunes and get down to a funkadelic experience. The Soul'd Out Band is ready to rock your soul!

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Entertainment Spotlight: Patty Chu's Chinese Folk Dance Troupe

The Patty Chu's Chinese Folk Dance Troupe will be appearing at the StreetFest Cultural Stage Sunday August 25 at 1:00 PM.

The Patty Chu Chinese Folk Dance Troupe performs folk dances of the various ethnic minorities of China.  Many people have the misconception that China is a very homogeneous society.  However, there are 55 officially recognized ethnic minorities in China, each with its own unique culture.   Patty Chu Dance Troupe's show always features a variety colorful costumes representing a specific ethnic minority.   Most of all, their graceful stage presence and technical skills always make a good impression on the audience.

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Vendor Spotlight: Dragon Papa Dessert

Dragon Papa Dessert booth will be located on 8th Street between Franklin and Broadway.

What is Dragon’s Beard Candy? The legend of Dragon's Beard Candy was first notably practiced during the Chinese Han Dynasty. As the story recounts, an imperial court chef entertained the Emperor one day by performing steps involved in making a new confection. The process of making the candy involved stretching a dough-like mixture composed from rice flour into small, thin strands. These strands reminded the Emperor of a dragon's beard, and were sticky enough to adhere to one's face quite easily, so thus the concoction was there-forth named as Dragon's Beard Candy, which is sometimes also referred to as Chinese Cotton Candy. If you'd like to try this special treat visit the Dragon Papa Dessert booth at the StreetFest. Their booth will be located on Franklin St. between 8th and 7th St., near the Chase Bank.

Entertainment Spotlight: Jest Jammin'

Jest Jammin' will be appearing at the StreetFest Popular Stage on Saturday August 25th at 2:00PM

Led by the Rev. Norman Fong, Jest Jammin' aka "Chinatown Soul Band", has entertained the public for 40 years. In 1968 Norman Fong, Brad Lum, & Ed Toy, got together with a couple of other friends, formed a band that was unnamed until 1971 when they added more members and officially called themselves Jest Jammin'. They are the last of the "Local Chinatown bands" from the 60's and 70's, and are still enjoying a popularity from an enthusiastic public. Comprised of "home grown" talent, Jest Jammin' has been performing their wide repertoire of music from the soulful 60's and 70's, including tunes from recent decades.  

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